Treatment Philosophy

When people first enter my office suite to reduce their pain and suffering, trusting is not high on their list of treatment goals. Yet, this is where I begin because the ability to trust, maybe for the first time, maybe for the last time, or maybe just once again, is an integral part of one’s healing and growth process. Our working together relies on developing open-eyed trust and open-eyed faith, first within self and then with others.

When working with patients, my heart is open and full of unconditional respect for them and their willingness to be vulnerable. As I listen and learn where they are with their current and chronic pain levels, I simultaneously assess their motivational levels of reducing that pain and their willingness to engage in the possibilities of heart-centered transformations and spiritual enlightenment.

Using unconditional respect, I work with individuals, couples,
single families, and multi-generational families by:

  1. Teaching relational communication skills within a family systems approach and
  2. Blending the best of traditional psychological and complementary-alternative therapies through
  • Transforming

  • sadness
  • madness
  • scaredness
  • Into

  • Joyfulness
  • Calmfulness
  • Non-reactiveness
  • Using

  • Focus
  • Clarity
  • Purpose

When we as people learn to authentically reclaim our rank as human beings and genuinely reconnect with our loved ones, living can be predictably enjoyable.

I feel truly honored to observe patients learning to respectfully use and apply radical honesty in lifting themselves up from their previous patterns of coping and by replacing those coping styles with patterns of living.