About Lydia Navarro, Ph.D.


Dr. Lydia Navarro is dually licensed as a Clinical Psychologist and as a Marriage and Family Therapist in the State of California.  Dr. Lydia specializes in individual, couples, family, multi-generational family systems, and group psychotherapy.  And because she also holds a Lifetime Community College Teaching Credential in the State of California, she is also suited to providing professional trainings and consultations throughout the US and in various countries around the world.  Today, and for the last 35 years, Dr. Navarro is privileged to maintain a thriving private clinical psychology practice in San Diego, California, as well.

Dr. Navarro has also studied extensively throughout these years with pioneers in the fields of healing unresolved trauma and addictions affecting mental health.

For almost 40 years, Dr. Lydia's primary teacher and mentor has been and is Pia Mellody, LPC, RN, who developed a practical, easy-to-understand psycho-educational and powerful experiential model of healing called Post Induction Therapy treatment (PIT) that can transform lives, including Lydia’s.  Pia’s Model helps us learn to identify how we were wounded as children which led to poor relationships with self, emotional dis-regulation, dysfunctional behaviors and relationship difficulties.  While not blaming caregivers yet healing the childhood trauma by detoxing the emotional distress and negative-faulty beliefs about ourselves connected to the trauma, we can then learn to “Re-Parent” ourselves and gain predictable affect regulation, reducing unnecessary harmful consequences with self and others.

Dr. Lydia utilizes Pia’s PIT Model with most of her patients while weaving other therapies into her Model when patients are willing to work at an even deeper level, such as the late Brugh Joy, MD’s, Body-Mind-Spirit-Soul-Heart-Shadow Connections.

Dr. Navarro has also earned her Certified Sexual Addiction Therapist (CSAT) and her Certified Multiple Addictions Therapist designations through the International Institute for Trauma and Addiction  Professionals with Patrick Carnes, PhD, at the helm.

Following one of the Core Issues of “Pia Mellody’s Model” of self care in Lydia’s own personal life, Lydia enjoys being a Docent on the floating and permanently-moored USS Midway Museum in the San Diego Harbor, the first longest-serving Naval super air-craft carrier (1945-1992) which symbolizes Lydia’s values of establishing and protecting liberty and freedom for all.


Pia Mellody   "Dr. Lydia was one of the earliest Clinical Psychologists that resonated with my Post Induction Therapy (PIT) 
   treatment model and has been instrumental in providing her clinical expertise to me as the PIT Model has
   evolved. Dr. Lydia is engaging, down-to-Earth, intelligent, humorous, accurately empathic and compassionate
   with her patients and colleagues. She continues to deepen her awareness and understanding as to what makes
   the PIT Model more of a “Spiritually-based” Model. Dr. Lydia utilizes her skills creatively with training therapists as
   well as maintaining a very diverse and thriving clinical private practice. I greatly admire and value Dr. Lydia’s work
   and consider her a trusted colleague and close friend of mine.”

- Pia Mellody, Internationally-Acclaimed Author and        
Senior Clinical Advisor for The Meadows        
Wickenburg, Arizona